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In the mid-1980s the State of Florida created a new type of public amenity. These new linear trails, or greenways, are long and narrow corridors of land and usually follow an abandoned railroad right-of-way (but could be created along any corridor such as drainage canals, historic roads or electric/gas transmission lines). It has been almost three decades since the first of these linear parks was created. Citizen groups and local governments, in cooperation with the Office of Greenways and Trails (OGT), have created dozens of these greenway trails around the Sunshine State-from the Florida Keys to the Panhandle.

The current initiative is to get approvals from stakeholders at the "gaps" in the route. In addition, the project is planning to secure funding to complete the gaps. A more aggressive and professional marketing approach is being sought; one that would provide promotional video, brochures, website and PowerPoint presentation. These would then be used to unify the stakeholders, agencies, and communities.

Project Benefits:

The intent is to create a route from coast to coast in Central Florida, Daytona and east coast to St. Petersburg and Gulf Coast that would attract tourists and cyclists.
  • Economic development - tourism dollars
    Cycling is a big draw and there are vacationers who plan trips based upon extensive trail systems.
  • Connected Loop Trail provides easy route planning
    By providing a cross Florida trail that also includes a loop would allow cyclists to not have to backtrack in their travels.
  • Scenic route is attractive to travelers
    By interconnecting the trail with Scenic Byways it enhances the "scenic" experience for travelers.
  • Promotes Scenic Byways Program
    By including Scenic Byways along the route, the project promotes the goals of the byways.
  • Benefits Small Communities
    Routes though back roads and off the highway, help bring travelers to smaller communities.
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